one foot in front of the other

My temporary apartment in Columbus does not have internet.  I am at a coffee shop so, I will make this quick.

I have been at the coffee shop on the corner for three hours now and have drafted about 25% of my first draft of a business plan for the beginning of 2010. This plan originally began as a requirement for school credit. But the more I think about it and MOST IMPORTANTLY the more people I mention it to…..the more positive feedback I am getting. I may just have to take action.

I will fully describe the plan in a later post when I am a bit more secure with the idea.

After some online research and a few ”Business plans made easy” books,haha, I feel confident enough to at least get one draft out for some other brains to look over and give input. As one might guess, a creative mind is not always the best when it comes to finances and numbers. I will do my best but will accept any advice or resource suggestion.

On another note: A friend of mine, Lynda of Vein Jewelry :
and party junkie Floyd FreshDaily have approached me with a desire to put together a trunk show in Cincinnati for small retail vendors… we will say around Spring Break?! hopefully. Details TBA

ok.. early work requires an early bedtime.


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